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Yer blued

A level results are out at the moment. Congratulations if you did well and happen to be one of the 200 or so people reading this little blog I've started scribbling out. Or, more likely, well done to your kids if they've come up trumps in that little life compettition we've organised for them.

Yep, kids, that's right. That's what you are at that age. Anyone who tells you otherwise is doing something grown ups can and do do frequently, they're selling something to you with a bent truth or two. Watch out for that, it keeps happening to you once you leave school or college.

Furthermore you're about to learn that what you've learned is not 100% correct; it's just the best we've got at the moment. There's a bit of lefty politics swirled in there, which is a result of the left wing bias that educational institutions inevitably pick up[1]. There's stuff in there where we're wrong but few to none of us suspect it. Then there's the bits t…

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