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I'm trying to develop a theory. It's not quite finished yet. It's currently a half thought which I'd like people to steal and develop.

I like playing Monopoly. Actually to be more precise - I like the idea of playing Monopoly. The reality usually becomes tedious and I don't think I've ever completed a game in one sitting. I've been doing a bit of research and most people I've asked are the same, they like the idea of a game of Monopoly but when faced with the reality few claim to have actually finished the f#cking thing. One of my mates distinctly remembers completing the game only by storing it and playing the same game later in the week. I'm not sure that counts. I'm talking about a start to finish, one session game, where one person is the winner without breaking the rules and everyone is satisfied with the outcome. In all my years I've never known that happen.

That, to me, seems significant when you consider that it's a game which is designed to work as a metaphor for the capitalist system*. If you presume that ending the game is the metaphorical equivalent of death you've got a pretty solid idea of where chasing money gets you in life. Not dead but dead and bored.

Like I say, it's a half thought. It's not yet great. It needs someone else to take it and run with it. Just make sure that if you are that person when you're getting your Nobel prize or whatever you mention your old pal Nicholarse.


*The history of Monopoly is fascinating. It started out as a game which was designed to show that land ownership was the root of all social evil. It was inspired by the radical politics of a bloke called Henry George.

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